“audience.ai” uses conversational analysis to understand our emotions, our needs, and our intent. As we use this to build predictive data segments for our Clients, we often research interesting topics. This series shares some of those findings with you.

It seems it is tough to have a “long term” relationship with anyone these days.

When it comes to switching conversation it’s focused on the “Big 4” (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile). The battle for loyalty sways mightily as consumers take to social media to voice negativity about their experience and look for deals on new phones; all the while carriers try to “woo” customers and entice them to give them a chance. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest pain points driving consumers to consider switching.

:: Consistently Poor Performance

After too long with connectivity and speed issues consumer are looking for a change.

@TMobile internet has been so bad lately im wondering if i can switch to 28.8k dialup. On the plus side im now taking bids from other cellular providers to get my business (must provide reliable internet). Dm me with offers. @verizon@sprint #notacceptable #beyonddone

@sprint 3 times since 8 am where I lost service. @TMobile@verizon @ATT I’ll switch TODAY if y’all pay my deactivation fee”

:: Troubling Customer Service

When customer service can’t provide the right support, the internet hears about it.

@att has the worst customer service ever can’t reach them after 8, they don’t stand by what they tell you!! I want to switch ! @TMobile @verizon @sprint help”

:: No Love for Current Customers

The only way to get a deal on a new phone is to switch carriers…frustrating for sure.

“I call @ATT to upgrade my iPhone 6 to an iPhone X after 4 years. They offer me it for $450. I call them back and the price is now $1100. Which is better for you guys cuz it’s getting ridiculous and I’m low key thinking about switching @verizon @TMobile @sprint”

“BTW @sprint doesn’t do anything for their loyal customers either. Cellular is turning into cable/satellite where you have to switch every few years to get the “new subscriber” deal.”

@TMobile @TMobileHelp disappointed all the good phone deals are always for new customers, or add a line Sad when you’ve be a loyal customer for over 6yrsand have 7 phone lines,the only way to get a good deal is to add another line really thinking about switching @ATT@verizon

:: Carrier Attempts at Courtship

When carriers do their part to engage consumers results can be…well…hit or miss.

T-Mobile’s “National Break Up with Your Carrier Day”

“As America’s Most Loved Wireless Company, we know a little something about love…. So, we’ve OFFICIALLY trademarked 2/13 as National Break Up With Your Carrier Day. Our goal, to get you out of your loveless relationship with your carrier.” — John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile.

“Funny is being on #ATT & getting voicemails out of the blue six months after they were left, then going to #Verizon and being told I can’t have an account because I owned my iPhone outright. Went to #TMobile and signed up in under 10 minutes.” #MyFunnyBreakupStory

Sprint’s “#SizzlingSprintSaturday”

@Sprint customersare you ready for #SizzlingSprintSaturday this weekend? Now is the best time to #SwitchtoSprint and we’ve got a great offer to help you do it. https://sprint.co/2SwBfL0”— Michel Combes, CEO of Sprint

And sometimes it doesn’t work so well…


“How is this a deal for sprint customers if we have to switch????? Wouldn’t this be aimed at @TMobile @verizon and @ATT customers? Don’t know ur own customer base but you want us to believe you can deliver on a real 5G network?”

:: Loyalty Does Exist

While negativity dominates conversation, there are a few happy with their relationship.


“Yo listen guys, I’m w/ @verizon . I seriously need @TMobile @sprint and @ATTto stop putting ads on my feed. IM NOT LEAVING THE VERIZON NETWORK! That would be idiotic.”

audience.ai analyzes conversation just like this to develop data segments and leads for our Clients. Within the Switching a Phone category, we have segments of ‘cord cutters’, ‘carrier haters’, ‘heavy data users’, and more.