“audience.ai” uses conversational analysis to understand our emotions, our needs, and our intent. As we use this to build predictive data segments for our Clients, we often research interesting topics. This series shares some of those findings with you.

In this episode, we look at the analysis from people talking about moving home.

Home Movers + Renting

Apartment hunting was one of the most prominent topics in conversations about renting. Moreover, some users expressed how difficult it is to find a good realtor, or posted about awkward and bizarre moments of dealing with realtors.

:: Roommates

Many users who talked about renting mentioned their roommates, specifically joys and challenges of living with a roommate.


:: Paying Rent
Many users talked about the cost of living and paying rent. For college-age users, paying rent was associated with the “coming of age” theme. Many complained about high rent.

“can’t believe i have to start paying rent next year. this is the true broke life”

:: New Home
Some users talked about the joy of finally finding the right apartment and talked about celebrating this event, while others felt anxiety about their new apartments and were mentioning that they did not feel “at home” there.

“First night at my new apartment and my feelings are all over the place… I’m kinda sad :(“

“Just spent my first night in my new apartment. Wow I’m so at peace”


:: Spend Smartly

Many conversations about renovations were focused on looking for ways to smartly spend, such as best credit cards for home renovation, deals, best ways to calculate home renovation cost.

“@hgtv House Hunters say a vanity is $1200… Pretty sure most are under $1000 at Home Depot or Lowe’s unless they go custom which is outrageous.”

“15 Ways to Save Money on a Home Renovation — https://buff.ly/2lPrKJ8#budget #DIY

:: Looking for Inspiration
Other users posted about home improvement TV shows, renovation design ideas, DIY tips, YouTube videos, design ideas.

“Are you looking to redo your kitchen on a budget? Here are some great ideas to get you started. Patty Teachman RE/MAX Elite http://SearchingBrevardRealEstate.com http://www.trendir.com/update-your-kitchen-on-a-tight-budget/ …

“Spray foam insulation nightmare: What can happen if it’s not installed c… https://youtu.be/0Hh5MYv7lWc via @YouTube

:: Enjoyment of the Renovation Process

“Harbor Freight is like a grown dudes toy store haha. Have a great Sunday sir!”

:: Frustration with the Renovation Process

“When I realized my home improvement projects were stuck together by swear words just as much they were nails, screws, and glue.”

:: Finding the Right Contractors and Materials

Consumers looking for the right home improvement contractors and suppliers, customer service, comparing and contrasting brands, posting about product buying advice.


Home Movers + Empty Nesters

It’s interesting to note that 60% of conversations about being an empty nester in the data sample came from females.

:: New Purpose
Many empty nesters were looking for a purpose other than being a parent. This prompted some to engage in conversations about politics, faith, psychology, and relationships, as well as causes, such as children’s causes, among others. Many felt a desire to mentor and contribute to others.

“I have college age children. Its hard enough trying to keep children, who can now make adult decisions, happy, healthy and frankly from self-destructive behavior. Without the entire country criticising and scrutinizing every move.”

:: Love and Relationships
Love and relationships were frequently discussed.

“And as an Empty Nester..about to turn 50…Hubby and I have been together..32 yrs…and Yupp..I am modest..but will say..the passion doesn’t stop…We Love.. and Argue…with Passion…you betcha!”

Many empty nesters posted about missing their children.

“Since I became an empty nester, I stopped cooking meals from scratch. Food is sustenance for me, but preparing food is an act of love for those I care about.”

“Just realizing that in 24 hours the girl will be in flight, on her way back to school. And that we won’t see her for another 4 (!) months. I’m happy to have had her home for 3 weeks, but I’m so sad to see her leave…again. I love being an empty nester but these goodbyes suck!”

Others posted about enjoying being empty nesters.

“Today, I officially became an empty nester. My soon to be 20 year old son just moved into his own apartment! 🥳 Why don’t we have #EmptyNest parties like we have #Babyshowers? I want that to be a thing!”

:: Downsizing
Downsizing was not discussed as frequently as other topics (which might be attributed to the topic being too personal to discuss on social media). The identified posts about downsizing revolved around planning, often even a few years before children leave, or the need to downsize and sadness to leave all the memories behind. Some users mentioned being brand new empty nesters adjusting to the new realities.

“Brand new empty nester here. I have a senior and fresh,an in college but they both work and school summers. House is big and quiet. I’m on my husband to sell and downsize.”

“I used to have a 3 bedroom 2,100 sq ft house on half an acre, and it owned me more than I owned it. Now I live in a 2 bedroom 1,000 sq ft apartment and it feels good. I’ll be an empty nester in three years, so I intend to move far from here, and downsize again. Maybe radically.”

“Yes it’s actually done. Just waiting on inspections now. I should be back the 1st of the year. Then, I’ll have a bunch of estate stuff to sell / clear & going to list & sell the place. Shouldn’t be hard w/80% renovated. heh. I’m an empty nester so downsizing to condo life. ;)”

Home Movers + HELOCs (Home Equity Line Of Credit)

:: Seeking and Sharing Knowledge, Looking for Help
There exists general confusion about what HELOCs are and how to use them. Many users wanted to know more or wanted to share knowledge about HELOC, such as YouTube videos and articles explaining what it is.

“Home equity line of credit #HELOC research findings. Looks like we need to know more about this financial option #realestate #financialplanning

“I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://youtu.be/KquS98k1sjc?a A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Explained by RMLEFCU”

Some users reached out for help or complained about Customer Service online.

“I can’t seem to set a date, other than today’s date, to schedule a transfer of funds from my HELOC to my checking account. Am I missing something? I hate to have to remember to do something that technology could be scheduled to do for me.”

Some users that benefited from HELOC posted their reviews and comments.

“Thank you! And I didn’t. I’m gonna take my time to finance the projects I want. I think I’ll be able to do one out of pocket, get another appraisal and get a HELOC to do the rest. I got a killer deal.”

“Beyond excited about my heloc!”

Some finance expert engaged in the HELOCs conversation, giving advice.

“I had a harebrained idea to swap your mortgage for a HELOC and then use it as your primary checking account so each paycheck gets optimum rate of return.”

audience.ai analyzes conversation just like this to develop data segments and leads for our Clients. Within the Home Movers category, we have segments of ‘predictive home movers’, ‘soon to be empty nesters’, ‘needing renovation work’, and ‘first home’.