How The Flexibility Of Conversational Audiences Can Help You Win March Madness.

With tens of millions of people glued to TVs, computers, and smartphones during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, advertisers are all fighting for their digital attention. At we approach things a little bit differently than most to create the optimal digital targeting audiences to reach those (still) passionate eyes.

March Madness is in full swing. We are approaching the Sweet 16 and of the original 68 teams, only a portion remains. Brackets have been busted, people have lost interest, some are even on spring break and a more than a little pre-occupied.

At this point in the tournament, what are your options? You can leverage activity-based audiences built on people who navigated an NCAA website or app sometime in the last few months. Or even behavioral based segments of people who watched a basketball game in the past year. The problem with this is that by defining targets based on things that happened a long time ago there is a good chance you’re firing ads to people who no longer care about the tournament.

Cue’s Conversational Audience approach and a Sweet 16 audience of over 10 million people that remain engaged. How do we know they are still engaged? They are still talking about it online. They are posting on social media celebrating their teams’ victories. They are cheering for their conferences to come out on top. Or even discussing who they need to advance in their brackets so they can earn those ever-important bragging rights.

We decided to create Conversational Audiences for three main reasons:

  1. If you’re targeting online, why not create audiences of people very engaged online?
  2. To connect advertisers to people who express interest in the content they’re creating
  3. To be smarter and safer with the millions of dollars being poured into ad targeting

Our audience evolves at each major tournament milestone to include fans of teams that remain in the field, people still passionate about their brackets or NCAA basketball fans that are still excited about the games.