Good for Gillette. It doesn’t really matter if you love or hate the message, taking a stand and putting your brand equity on the line is a hard, risky decision, yet Gillette did it.

In recent examples, Nike of course just did very well from the same approach, as did Patagonia (“The President Stole Your Land”), AirBnB (#WeAccept) and Heineken (“World’s Apart”). Perhaps this is the time we will remember that brands really started standing for something?

But wow Gillette, this one really has people fired up! We did an analysis of the emotions and feelings being expressed online and came up with some interesting insights, built from what proved to be a 15,000% increase in conversations around their brand!

In the 90 days prior to the campaign, the top emotions were:

  • Love: 21%
  • Desire: 13%
  • Success: 13%
  • Excitement: 11%
  • Happiness: 10%

After the campaign:

  • Desire: 18%
  • Offense: 10%
  • Love: 7%
  • Anger: 7%
  • Fear: 6%

(If you’re not familiar with how we generate data, have a quick read of “Why We Must All Have a LOVE / HATE Relationship With Targeting Data:

I’m not particularly surprised by ‘offense’. Everyone takes offense about everything online right now, but such a spike in ‘fear’ is perhaps the best supporting evidence that Gillette was right to highlight this particular cause in the first place.