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Read is a great addition to the marketplace. Uniquely their data is built using Conversational Analysis — what we say online is translated into insights about who we are, what we want and what our intent is. At Summit, will be officially launching their predictive data segments into AAM as part of the new partnership.

Conversational analysis has helped answer some big questions for brands over the last 12 years. For Samsung, it was how people feel about emerging trends of technology, for Coti it was what shape the mascara brushes should be, for a bank it was how would their customers feel about a product built on blockchain.

Taking this same capability allows to build data segments for online targeting, as well as offer as leads for offline too.

Predicting Home Events:

The data lends itself particularly well to behaviors around the home — buying a home, renting a home, moving state to state, in need of major renovations, becoming an empty nester, first home after college etc.

“When we have a major life change such as moving to a new house we tend to go online and ask for help in all sorts of places. A few months out we might be interested in what the crime rate is like in a certain area, or how house prices have been changing. As we get closer we have more specific asks such as transportation routes, all the way up to booking moving companies and getting cable installed,” says Paul McIntyre, GM

Brands today have to buy data that says who has moved in the last 30–90 days, and they are all competing for the exact same audience. When a brand uses this predictive data, they can reach their target audience 30–90 days IN ADVANCE, getting ahead of their competition. will have a team at Summit this year. To set up an overview conversation, contact Lauren on 312.985.9700, or email


$347 billion was wasted in 2016 on marketing that didn’t work. How is that possible? For starters, 65% of content created by brands never reaches its intended target.

Why? We’re so busy telling consumers that they should be interested in our brands that we’re not paying enough attention to who they are and what they already naturally care about.

Customers are complex, and in order to succeed, brands need to better understand them as people – embracing analytics to better understand their affinities, emotions, and what drives their behavior, so that they can create more relevant and effective content.

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