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Audience Data

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Anyone and everyone provides cookie-cutter data, we provide data customized to your own audience, based on what they are talking about online.

And if you don’t know who you should be targeting, our research team will provide the answers.


Your Objective

What is the business wanting to achieve?


Research & Analaysis

What defines the audience that will drive the most success?


Data Where You Need it

Custom segments in your DMP, DSP or even CRM file.


Further Insights

How did the outreach to that audience change their behaviors and feelings?

Step 1: Where to begin


Start with your own CRM file, a list of competitors or social followers.


Audience Data for programmatic and offline media buying

Custom data segments that are built for your business to solve your current needs. Every segment is defined with your team before our researchers analyze 200+m profiles to find your best matches.

Your data segments are made available in your preferred programmatic platform or DMP, or as batch files for offline targeting. CRM matching available.

Step 2: Our data, where You want it

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  • Programmatic advertising


  • Measurement


  • Call centers
  • Direct mail
  • Catalog
  • Email
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  • Facebook
  • Advertising
  • Direct mail
  • Predictive
  • Product development
  • What defines advocates
  • Customer journey, actionable moments
  • Your unique need

Step 3: Transparent scaling


Targeting audiences is a balance of precision, scale and performance. Once has identified the audiences best suited for your goals, we provide 3 levels of scaling for each segment.

Being transparent allows you to measure the performance of each one, and find the optimal achievable scale

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Predictive segments


Our data tells us what is to come, allowing for accurate, predictive life stage marketing up to 90 days in advance. We have both EXPRESSED and INFERRED life stage data. Choose from one of our typical segments, or request a fully custom audience segment.

Up to 90 days prior

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Up to 90 days prior

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Other life stage marketing

  • New pregnancy

  • Birth

  • Death

  • Marriage

  • Anniversary

  • Movers

  • Home renters

  • Home buyers

  • Graduation

  • New teen driver

  • Sandwich household

  • Off to college

  • First job

  • Pet owner

  • Diet changers

  • Retirement

  • Caring for elderly

  • Cord cutters

  • Empty nesters

  • Political affiliations

Our foundation is CONVERSATION




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“With another baby on the way, we are definitely outgrowing our house.”

“I’m always in a rush – good thing the line for a McMuffin is always fast!”

“I pay $200/month for a slow connection!!”

“On to another project – currently sanding away and trying to pick a neutral stain!”

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Buying a new house

Fast food eater

I hate my current cable/internet provider!!

DIY/Home renovators

We’ve found many audiences

Individuals that were environmentally friendly, who talked about solar power and wind power.

Individuals abstaining from alcohol for reasons including pregnancy, religion, and health.

Females who are outdoorsy, recently married, have certain outgoing behaviors, and are interested in wellness and/or personal finance.

For the lender who had a message for military families.

Heavy Data Users

Optimistic Tweeters

Transitional Millennials

Affluent Early Adopters

Early Season Holiday Shoppers

Techsetter Creators

Positive Change Makers