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Whether they want to or not, some of the world’s biggest brands have recently stumbled into politically charged social conversations.

Our research report takes a look at the data behind the brand boycott hype, using millions of online conversations, classified 25,000 ways across 50 different emotions to gather an accurate, holistic view of the issue.


$347 billion was wasted in 2016 on marketing that didn’t work. How is that possible? For starters, 65% of content created by brands never reaches its intended target.

Why? We’re so busy telling consumers that they should be interested in our brands that we’re not paying enough attention to who they are and what they already naturally care about.

Customers are complex, and in order to succeed, brands need to better understand them as people – embracing analytics to better understand their affinities, emotions, and what drives their behavior, so that they can create more relevant and effective content.

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