We are an audience company

We help brands and agencies find their audiences online and offline by providing targeting data created from Conversational AnalysisBy analyzing what is said online, we know what audiences want & need, as well as how they feel about it.

Our expertise is data, leaving you free to run the campaigns using the technologies of your choosing.

Every day we process millions of conversations, and assign more than 30,000 dynamic classifiers, including key interests, behaviors, attitudes, and demographics to each one. Unlike any other dataset, conversational data allows us to get at what is relevant and important to individuals, which we then pass to you as cookies or leads.

Turning conversational data into audiences

We solve for targeting problems that other data sources simply cannot.

For many years digital segments have been built on the same 3 elements: Purchase Data, Online Behaviors, and Demographics.

More recently Conversational Data has emerged as both a replacement to reactionary data as well as a complimentary data source known for its predictive capabilities.

Lead audiences

Leads developed from conversational analysis to be used for direct mail, call center, and email marketing campaigns. Highly defined lead audiences to attract consumers with the greatest likelihood to engage and convert at the most opportune time.

Connect with new high intent consumers interested in your products.

Campaigns designed to match marketing objectives, including audience targeting, profiles, and geographic restrictions.

We’ve tested a myriad of different solutions and Kairos really does stand out in a significant way because it’s so focused on consumers, gives us better segmentation and tells us what really matters to our audience in a game-changing way.

Terence Scroope


Data where you want it

Our data lives in an ecosystem to make it as a frictionless as possible for you to work with us. Most major DSPs and DMPs are connected, as well as LiveRamp, Adobe Audience Manager, and many more.

Some Of Our Results

Case Study: Hershey’s

Case Study: Hershey’s

Hershey’s OPTIMISTIC TWEETERS CAMPAIGN AUDIENCE:  3.7 MILLION HAPPY PEOPLE   CHALLENGE Hershey’s was looking to identify users who have a positive behavioral outlook on life. SOLUTION By leveraging Networked Insights’ robust taxonomy of motivations, behaviors,...

Case Study: Guardian

Case Study: Guardian

Guardian HALLOWEEN CAMPAIGN AUDIENCE: MOMS PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN DIY CRAFTS FOR THEIR CHILDREN   CHALLENGE Guardian needed help identifying who to target and the ideal timing to target for their Halloween Campaign. SOLUTION Using audience.ai, Guardian was...

Case Study: Disney

Case Study: Disney

Disney CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR CAMPAIGN AUDIENCE:  9.4 MILLION FIRST NAME USERS   CHALLENGE Disney was looking to create a uniquely personalized video promo campaign for the launch of their marquee film “Captain America: Civil War.” Their concept was to create...

Case Study: Activewear Fashion Brand

Case Study: Activewear Fashion Brand

Activewear Fashion Brand NICHE AUDIENCES AT SCALE, IDENTIFIED FROM THEIR CRM FILE AUDIENCE: 23 NICHE FASHION BUYING AUDIENCES   CHALLENGE To find new customers that will generate a ROI+ result when digitally targeted. The brand had historically tried many logical...

Case Study: Marine Corps

Case Study: Marine Corps

Marine Corps RECRUITMENT CAMPAIGN AUDIENCE:  2.6 MILLION UNEMPLOYED MILLENNIALS   CHALLENGE The United States Marine Corps was looking to identify an audience of potential recruits, with a focus on unemployed millennial males. SOLUTION The United States Marine...

Case Study: Under Armour

Case Study: Under Armour

Under Armour CUSTOM AUDIENCE ACTIVATION AUDIENCE: ATHLETIC FEMALES   CHALLENGE Under Armour was looking for strategic insights to fuel their upcoming launch of new products aimed at females. UA wanted to tap into a new opportunity audience of “Athletic Females”...


Not finding what you need?

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What data can audience.ai provide us with?

We generate exceptionally effective data for online targeting, and in the form of leads.

Our online data is made available to you for activation through your DSP / DMP, and in partners such as LiveRamp and Adobe Audience Manager.

Leads are available with fields including email, phone and mailing address.

What sort of customers does audience.ai work with?

Typically we work with major brands, and / or their agencies, but our technology is suited to any US campaign with a data budget of $5k+, or a leads budget of $2.5k+.

What is conversational analysis?

What we say is a very strong reflection of what we want, need and feel. By analyzing hundreds of millions of conversations and statements online every month against our taxonomy of over 30,000 emotions, we can turn those words into highly relevant and engaged audiences.

Most data today is bought using demographics / psychographics, contextual, and behavioral markers. Conversational analysis allows us to go much further in audience identification.